What side should I get my tragus pierced on?

okay so I have my nose pierced on the right side. it is a very little diamond stud. I want to get my tragus pierced and I want to get a stud, not a ring, but I'm not sure which side to pierce. I don't want both sides done, and my bangs are on the left side of my face. I would get my left side done because it would balance out my nose piercing, but no one would see it.

i also sleep mostly on my right side, and am right handed.

i will get it on the left if its the best choice, but do you think it would look awkward with the tragus piercing on my right ear or look off-balance because of my nose stud?

thanks guys!


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  • well I have my nose on the left and my tragus on the left (I worry about being balanced too) but I have two more piercings in my right ear than my left so that makes up for it I suppose. I'd be the same with everything else, bangs on the left, right handed and sleep on my right

  • Well, get it on the side where you can show it off. Or if comfort is your priority, get it on the side you don't sleep on.


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