I caught him cheating and then he blocked me when I found out?

I (20f) and this guy (21 m) we’re talking for some time. I really liked him but had trouble letting myself feel comfortable because of the stories I’ve heard about him in the past.

Fast forward some months I had caught feelings, but some rumors came up that he was flirting with another girl- I may have even saw it in person and got my feelings hurt, which caused me to stop talking to him for a week or so. He seemed really bummed that I did this, and kept asking me why, but I never gave him the real answer. Eventually, I decided to start talking to him again.

Fast forward some months (again) We started hanging out and that’s when we considered ourselves bf/gf... Once again I couldn’t make myself feel comfortable because of past stories, even though I really wanted a real relationship with him.

After a few weeks of me being busy I offered to make plans with him, which he seemed to be really excited about. I had told a group of friends about my plans, only to be told that he’s been trying to hookup with another girl. I told him that night that I heard something I wasn’t really comfortable with, but once again I couldn’t bring myself to tell him what it was. He then blocked me when he figured that he couldn’t get the real answer out of me. The next day after being blocked, the girl he was trying to hookup with told me that he confronted her about sharing “private information” which only proved that what I heard was really happening behind my back.

Well to wrap it up, I hate leaving on bad terms, it makes me feel incredibly guilty. This week i’ve seen him view my other social media’s and i’ve been wondering if I should tell him something to ease the tension- and if so, what?
I caught him cheating and then he blocked me when I found out?
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