He dumped me, so why is he being such a jerk?

My boyfriend of 10 months dumped me about a month & a half ago. We were best friends, absolutely inseparable, and this came as a huge shock to everyone who knows us, including me. He only gave me one reason as to why we broke up: "you hurt my feelings."

Now, let's back up. The day we broke up, we had a fight. It was a pointless & stupid one. I had been dealing with a lot of stress because my best friend committed suicide about 10 months before, and it was causing a lot of depression for me. He knew about this. He was the person who stepped into my life after she died. So on the night of this fight, I was really angry/upset with her, and took it out on him. Now, he & I didn't fight often. We sometimes had quarrels that lasted a few minutes, but only every once in a while. And all of a sudden, after this one night of me being upset, I hurt him so much that he wanted to break up.

The breakup was also a shock because he had promised many times we were going to stay together, get married, etc. Granted, we're probably too young for that, but he still had told me he would never leave me no matter what because I meant the world to him. His love was supposed to be unconditional.

After the break up, we talked and he said we could stay friends. Well, that didn't last very long because he rarely showed interest in talking to me at all. So after about a month of receiving the cold shoulder, I decided to dish it right back. One day, he sent me a Facebook message asking why I was ignoring him. I replied with a huge message about how I couldn't be his friend, how he had hurt my family and me, how I didn't want to pretend like nothing ever happened between us. I just wanted to leave it alone and move on.

He didn't like this response, so he asked me to come over and talk. I went to his house and, during this talk, we both broke down crying. He said he missed me & my family so much. When I asked "why can't we be together again?" he, again, said "you hurt my feelings and I gave you too many chances. When I said "I don't understand how you got over me so quickly", his only response was "bummer."

Recently, he has been picking on me in a really mean way. One day I made a comment like "If I were an animal, I'd be a pug" and he just looked at me and said "yeah because pugs are ugly." Or when I said "I hope you get caught illegally downloading music!" -- as a joke -- he said "I hope you die." He never said 'just kidding' or laughed about it. I know he didn't mean it, but it was extremely hurtful.

Everyday is a gamble. He picks and chooses when he wants to talk to me or pay attention to me. Sometimes he'll randomly text me about something that's happening, other times he'll ignore me for the entire weekend. I just am curious as to a couple things: 1) why is his only reason for dumping me "you hurt my feelings" if he truly loved me that much? 2) Why is he being so mean? 3) What is going on in his head?!
He dumped me, so why is he being such a jerk?
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