Was my ex stringing me along?

Ok so my ex ended things with me in January 2021 due to becoming stressed in the pandemic.

He was still keeping in contact with me and two weeks after the breakup when I went to go get my things, I apologised for my behaviour and explained my situation and asked if we could try again? I told him if he needed more space or wanted to take things slow I understood.
But he wasn’t interested even though he understood the pandemic was causing me stress.
He said we could be friends and if he wanted to hang out as friends to let me know but I didn’t respond.
He asked if he was ok to still contact me? I said yeah thinking it would be positive but I was wrong

After that day I wished him the best and he still continued to talk to me each week where I organised a meet-up thinking he was maybe wanting to rekindle things but he didn’t mention that. But when we hung out we would have went back to his apartment and did things that we would have done whilst we were going out but didn’t sleep together or anything. This carried on for three months as I thought he was wanting to take things slow but I was wrong. We hung out and he was contacting me each week without me initiating but the last time I seen him I asked what was going on and he said he only seen me as a friend which made me feel very hurt so I told him to not contact me again unless he wants to rekindle things

Did I do the right thing? Was he stringing me along?
Was my ex stringing me along?
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