Why would your ex girlfriend do this...?

My ex girlfriend and I had been on and off for the past year. We have been broken up for 2. Well recently I went out with my sister and her friends and pictures were taken. All of the sudden she wants nothing to do with me. I didn't hook up with any of them, period. A month ago she thanked me for being everything I was, everything I've done, how much I mean to her. 2 weeis ago when this happened (the pictures) she told me she wants nothing to do with me and that it won't work. We talked last week and I basically begged her back, she told me no that she didn't want anything now and wasn't looking for a relationship. Well I talked with ehr last night Because I gave her some space, a full week to gather herself. I asked how she was and stuff and then out of no where she told me she likes someone but doesn't know if he likes her back...IN A WEEK? a day? over a weekend you can like someone that much!?!?! why would she tell me this?!?!?!

i couldn't handle it, I broke down in tears, gripping my heart. Asking where I went wrong, why I was never given a true chance to prove myself to her, crying crying and crying. She told me she only wnated to be friends, but I have NO idea why!? I didn't do anything wrong by going out with my sister and the night b4 me and her were so good and everythign was great and normal.

I'm freaking out, I want to die,. literally she took my heart when she told me about this :guy" whyw ould she DO THAT TO ME if I was so close to her and meant so much to her WHY WHY WHY...

the weird thing is I asked for all my stuff back, the picture frame I made her when w ewere on our cruise, the stuffed animals, I jsut wanted everythign gone and to never remember anything from the past because it will make me want to kill myself at how mean she can be but how much she once loved me...she refused to throw them out and said they were hers and she wanted to keep them as I should keep the things she gave me. why the f*** would I do that? why would she want to keep those things, the framed picture of us, the stuffed animals I gave her, the ring, WHY KEEP THAT STUFF!?!?! what does it mean, why doesn't she want to get rid of them, she never had anything of her ex boyfriends yet she wants to keep those things of us...i don't understand, I want to die so freakin bad, I'm hurt, so hurt, lost I ahve no idea what happened I was dropped so quick. All she says is "we'll never happen" yet no reason...maybe I became too clingy or needy? I don't know, I just need some type of encouragement before I do something stupid,. why keep those things? why tell me about the guy? why why why, she knows it would kill her if I did that to her so why do it to me
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well the guy is real and I still don't understand why she would tell me that, it makes no sense! FML I need someone who cares...not someone who continually lives in the past!
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ok well I actaully joined this site, to get myself out there...im not really looking for anything but just to meet new people. I think I was having such trouble going out and meeting cool people so I decided to start somethign the other day and so far I have like 5-6 people who are interested in meeting me. This will keep my mind off things and help me move on. Thanks everyone for yoru advice! :)
Why would your ex girlfriend do this...?
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