Do guys keep tabs on ex-girlfriends?

The question says it all... Do you guys keep tabs on your ex-girlfriends at all (like checking what they've been up to on Facebook, etc.)?

And if so, how often do you look up an ex?


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  • We do, unless already in a relationship, but its more of a well being curiosity than a jealous or need to know status, because I find that if you get to know someone well enough, once that has gone, your going to miss them, whether it was a choice you made or not, your body and mind will miss them, a bit like giving up smoking, because you can't get used to being with someone and then their not there without missing them, so we might check up on them from time to time, just to see how they are doing and with the hope they are in good hands and out of harms way, because the concern doesn't just deminish, it takes a while to evaperate, unless you have another girl to care for, then its not as great, but don't mistake this for us wanting you back, because a lot of the time, its not that, its just us and the way us guys deal with things,x


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  • No, I never check up. The less I know the better off I am. Plus I get rid of anything that has to do with them so they basically don't exist anymore.

    I'm sure some guys do but if I still have feelings then I find I get over them quicker.


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  • I think that it can and does go many different ways, curiosity, concern and trying to make her jealous of what he has now. It depends on the person and how he deals with it.

    I would like to think a guy does it out of concern but not all them think that way.

  • Thats a good question. I would say that some guys probably do and others dont, it just depends on the person and also the break up. If the girl ended it and the guy still cares about her then he will see what she's doing and how she is etc. But if the guy ended it then I don't think he would check up as often. Maybe once in a while to see how she's been.

    Just trying to see it from my perspective. My ex ended things with me, and I know he doesn't ever check on my Facebook profile because I deleted him and he hasn't noticed. He would definitely say something if he saw I deleted him and he hasnt.

    • The chances are this guy has noticed, but he don't want to let you know he has and that mentioning it might get a negative response, but I would bet on the fact that he has asked someone you both knew about your well being, because most decent guys would be concerned, but there are the ones who don't give a crap, and their just interested in their selves period.

    • It would be nice to know that he does care, but anyway.There's nothing I can do. That's true, thanks.