Why won't my boyfriend block his ex girlfriends number?

Me and my boyfriend have been dating for over a year and recently his ex girlfriend, who is a bit on the crazy side, has been texting him a lot and if he doesn't respond ( he never does from that he tell me) she calls him alot. I'm starting to get annoyed, I told him to block her number since he says he doesn't talk to her, that was a while ago and she is texting him more and more. She tells him to come over and calls him babe. I'm not sure what to think or do. Oh if it helps their relationship was terrible they fought all the time and she did drugs and got drunk all the time.


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  • it should be concerning to you not why he doesn't block her, but why he doesn't just tell her to back off.

    I think blocking numbers is useless. She will find another way to contact him if she is really that "crazy". I think you should ask him why he doesn't lay down the law with her. If he isn't willing to lay down the law then you should question how over her he is and how much he really cares about you and his current relationship.

    Tell him that all her contacting makes you uncomfortable (that is a fair thing to say). Tell him that you would really appreciate it if he addressed the issue with her and told her that she needs to stop texting and calling since he is in a happy relationship. If he says he doesn't want to do that, then you say playfully so we'll just live forever as a trio. You and I together and her texting and calling every day. If he doesn't really how absurd the situation is then he's simply not over the ex and in a indirect was is disrespecting your relationship.

    He has to take some step to remove her from his life (at least in the capacity that she is in it now).


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  • Simply trust your boyfriend. Perhaps, your boyfriend just wants to retain their friendship.

    It doesn't mean that when your exes that you really cut the other person off your life.

  • Maybe he likes crazy

  • He shouldn't have to

    • Yes he does!! It only takes a second to block numbers why is everyone so hung up about not blocking just do it if theyre bothering you.. Im in my 40s and know all about why people do or do not block.. This guy is an asshole that likes the attention end of. he's not stable enough to get rid of the negative in his life

  • What are you worried about, seriously?

    I thought girls all had this in built fear of seeming desperate to a guy?

    Well, how do you think this girl looks to him? Do you think he's thinking "Wow, she called 76 times last night, that's not annoying or creepy at all. I can't wait until she's back in my life, constantly checking up on me to see if I'm near any other girls, threatening to cut up all my clothes or chop my knob off in my sleep"

    Every call she makes, makes it less likely he'll have anything to do with her. Calm down.

    • obviously she wants to bang him out... I would tell him to not respond or answer the phone.. he's a retard for answering back ..

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