Should I miss my summer fling?

i met this guy on a trip(11days) I took recently...we clicked and basically had a relationship on fastforwad...i know the time we shared together was short and nothing serious,but being with him felt great,as I have never had a relationship with such intimacy, where we spent night together, spend time strolling around chatting for hours...its been a week now since I have been back home and I miss him..i find it rather silly that I miss him(because I know it was just a fling and nothing to catch feelings over since there no chance of us seeing each other again).We have each others' contact information (numbers and are Facebook friends) and have communicated a few times but I'm trying to distance myself from him...i don't want him to think I a crazy girl who is catching feelings from something so the end I'm glad it happened...i wasn't looking to find anyone and I did (even though it was short and temporary ) and it has been the highlight of my summer so far and I'm thankful for the memories I will have because of what had.


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  • There's nothng wrong with reflecting on this, and enjoying the memory. It may have been short, but it was just as valid as a longer relationship..maybe more valid than others you have had, who knows?


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  • It's perfectly normal/fine to miss him. You shared a very intense, highly emotional week with this guy and built a very strong relationship very quickly. The fact that you were able to move so quickly obviously shows that you really liked him and trusted him, if not you would have taken your time or just ignored your desires. So of course you miss him. But I think you are taking a very mature approach to the situation. Accept that it was probably just a fling and treasure the happy memories. Unfortunately we sometimes meet people at a time or place that makes a relationship difficult, but you did the best thing - made the most of the situation.

    What to do now? Well if there is absolutely no way that you will ever ever be able to get together, then just say "that was fun, let's get back to normal life now" and reminisce on the memories occasionally. If you think there is a small chance that you could make a relationship work, then just ask yourself how you really feel - was the relationship so good because it was short, or was there really something very special between you 2 that you think is worth fighting for because it could work in the long run. If you think it could work, then tell him that you miss him and you had a great time and see how he reacts. Just be careful not to force something to work if it realistically is never going to happen. It's better to keep good memories and accept the end than to try to keep the passion going with an online relationship and meeting once a year - something that will just slowly fade to bitterness about not being able to make it work.

  • Don't miss it.


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