Why did my ex boyfriend stop liking me?

Things were going fine and I honestly had no idea that he was going to break up with me. He hadn't been texting me for a while, but I only thought that was because we had been seeing each other pretty much everyday because of Marching band. We are both in high school and he is a grade ahead. He was acting just fine and was walking back to the school with my friends and me, then he told me he wanted to talk, and dumped me. He said that his feelings weren't growing for me the way mine were for him. Then I asked him if there was another girl and he said no. Some people think he is gay, but I don't think he is. We had been officially dating for about 3 months, but we liked each other from about the time we met (which was a little less than a year ago) He also told me some very personal stuff and I told him personal stuff too. He also used to tell me that I was really pretty and that he hoped we could stay together for a very long time. I'm really confused and depressed and I have no idea what to do.

The weird thing was, I felt like he was so in love with me. He told me he loved me really really early in the relationship and I honestly think he was like helplessly in love with me.


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  • I have no way of knowing why he did it. We only have to worry about the fact that he DID do it. The good news is you'll be able to find another guy when you want.


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  • He told you the answer he didn't like you as much as you liked him he probably just thought he'd save you pain down the line doing it now or he could be gay either way move on and enjoy your life.

  • You guys are still growing and that's why he might have changed his mind. Or maybe he really is gay.


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