Why did he stop liking me after liking me for so long?

There's this guy at work who started showing interest in me at the beginning of the year. I never really noticed him before, but since then we started flirting (well mostly him since I was so shy back then) Later we exchanged numbers and text message-flirted a lot. So this went on for a couple of months, and even though I wasn't that shy anymore and I really wanted too see him, I never really dared.

See he's the kind of guy all girls like, he's so sweet and friendly with all the girls at work. Made me wonder if he was just playing with me. But then I know that he is a really nice guy and a little older too, so I don't think he would hurt anyone on purpose.

Anyway I finally went to see him one night, and well, I knew that after all the flirting, the waiting and all the dirty texting, we weren't really gonna talk. So a lot happened that night, but not all the fun stuff. The morning after I was a bit stiff, didn't know how to act. So he said he would call me that day or the day after. But he never did, it was always me texting him, and he was sweet as always but he wasn't the usual dirty self. I did everything to show him that I'm still into him, but he didn't seem to care much anymore. I mean at work he's like he always is. But I started to feel that maybe I annoyed him now, that I was too much.

So I stopped texting him, didn't go and talk to him at work as much as before. Thought that if he didn't seem to appreciate my attention, then I should just stop right? So I did for about a month (which felt like so very long since I'm used to talking to him every day) then I just needed to know, what happened, why he just stopped liking me now. I sent him a message asking him how he's doing and stuff. And I was prepared to ask him all about it, was so afraid of his answer, but then he didn't even answer that message! So I thought "there's my answer" he didn't even bother to answer, and he always answers.

But it's so confusing, he liked me a lot, or so it seemed, and then he just stopped? Why? Then sometimes he looks at me in a certain way, saying stuff, always teasing me, noticing that I don't talk to him that much anymore.but that's just me still hoping. I wish I knew why he don't like me anymore, so I can just forget all about him.


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  • It could be as simple as you being too young for a steady girl friend for him.depends what you mean by a 'little' older.or, more likely, he decided that the problems of a workplace relationship were too great even though you tempted him.

    Most likely it is one of those above simple explanations. It's not that he doesn't like you, but you should probably plan on doing without him anyway.

    • He's 29, but yeah could be that too. I didn't really think we would get in a relationship I just wanted to have a little more fun than that one time we met =P

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  • Sounds to me like he used you. As soon as he had got his evening pleasure he lost interest because he had already got what he wanted.

    You said because he is a little older he would hurt anyone on purpose. Not true, being a bastard has no requisite to age. Younger men do hurt women more, but it more out of lack of experience than intention.

    My advice, learn from your mistake, move on and forget about him.

    • Yeah probably true, most of my friends keep saying this too. I really wish I could see him as just a stupid ass, but it's hard when you really like someone. I know it's not about age I just thought I knew him good enough. I guess not..

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  • It sounds likes he got his thrill in sex over the phone- text message and then when he finally got together his fantasy was over so you were a fantasy for him sounds like a good one. Don't bother talking to him unless he comes to you . Find some other guy to like and next time no more dirty text or talking. By him seeing you with someone else when his little thrill you gave him wear off he will want you back. This is when you move on.

    • Yeah true, my fantasy was so much better than when we actually met, so he probably feels the same way. Except that I still like him... But it's getting better, gets easier to ignore him now =)