Is it fate that this guy and I keep bumping into each others lives?

if a guy keeps coming back into your life it fate or what?

back story: met this guy, "Bob" at a party in sophomore year of college. we then started to hang out but I realized I wasn't ready to be with him or anyone so I stopped seeing him. then every year after we would run into each other here and there. sometimes we would talk about hanging out but it would never happen. then my last semester of college I just broke up with boyfriend and remembered about Bob. According to one of my friends "the stars aligned" because I was hoping I would see him and surprisingly he was at the bar that I went to with my friends. I go up to him and we chat. eventually he asks me to come back with him and I said yes. I just wanted to have fun sex and no commitment and same with him. fast forward a little, I graduate but I still go back to college because some of my friends were still there. I would sometimes visit Bob. then eventually bob graduates the semester after me. (we have not been keeping in contact and not texting fyi) then our school has homecoming... and I have not even thought about him and boom we see each other and end up spending the night together. but after this night we actually texted and started to get to know each other more. (we live in two separate states. 2 and half hours away) he wants me to come visit him but I feel its just for him to continue this hookup thing. so I dont... but then a month later he invites me to his dad's companys holiday party as his date. I spent the whole weekend with Bob and met his dad, dad's girlfriend, and sister. I was thinking this would be the start of something more but turns out he is not ready for a relationship. I respect what he wants and won't force him into anything. so presently now we still text and stuff but nothing more. if he asks to visit, I don't know if I will because if its not gonna go anywhere it is not worth my time.

i just feel that we keep bumping into each others lives ever since college and after... I feel like he is someone that can be the one. but obv he is not ready now. however I will not wait for him forever... also I believe people who come into your life have a purpose. I just don't understand if its not meant to be, why was he always coming back into my life.
Is it fate that this guy and I keep bumping into each others lives?
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