A Trolls Guide In Learning How To Pick Up Chicks

So there is no argument that its harder to pick up girls for guys then it is for girls picking up guys. Here I will be showing you guys how to pick up chicks so you can increase your chances in picking up a girl you like.

A trolls guide in learning how to pick up chicks

step 1. Approach

Learning how to even break the ice with chicks can sometimes be the most difficult process surprisingly. So what you need to do is to slowly wallk up to it without scaring them off. If you do that then there is no way in being able to follow up with the other two steps.

step 2. Grab them with both of your palms

Make sure that you grab the chick with both of your hands and put them on your palms. Don't hold it too hard though or close your palms, leave them open.

step 3. Lift

And finally last, but not least lift up. Once you have lifted them you can finally pet them or walk away home with them. Again make sure you don't squeeze hard be very gentle with them like a gentleman pun intended.

Now go out and pick up some chicks guys.


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  • "So there is no argument that its harder to pick up girls for guys then it is for girls picking up guys."

    First of all you mentioned girls first here then switched to chicks the animals.


    Now to address the rest of that statement. I've denied every female who has ever asked me out, and I've been asked out by multiple girls. It's actually probably harder for females because it's abnormal. Most guys aren't used to being asked out by a female.

  • I love that take - Not only trolling genius but actual online genius - I read a lot of takes and they can be quite heavy - Sometimes the fluffy ones are a nice break but that one was just fantastic comic tangent - Well done

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