4 Wonderfully Romantic First Date Ideas

So of course when you go on a date with someone for the first time, you want to do something romantic and something you know you will be able to enjoy doing together. These 5 things are awesome, fun, and great things to do as a first date.

1) Go out to dinner

If you go out to dinner as a first date, this is a great way to get to know each other. You'll be able to talk on your way there, and also you can get to know each other while waiting for your food to come. You can share good laughs and eat at the same time. What's better than that?

4 Wonderfully Romantic First Date Ideas

2) Have a picnic

Having a picnic is good because you don't have to spend much money but also you can spend as much time getting to know each other as you want. You can also choose the place like by a lake so you can listen to the water and listen to the birds chirping, you can light your own candles if you want and you can just enjoy yourself and relax. Make sure you bring bug spray!

4 Wonderfully Romantic First Date Ideas

3) Bowling!

Bowling is fun because you can laugh together and it's silly and not so serious. It can allow you to just relax and be yourself. You can talk while bowling and have fun at the same time. Bowling is also not something you get tired of quickly because the games go by fast and they're short so you can spend a good amount of time together. You can also play against each other and see how competitive you are which can also be tons of fun!

4 Wonderfully Romantic First Date Ideas4 Wonderfully Romantic First Date Ideas

4) Go to a carnival

At a carnival you can not only get food, but you can also play tons of different games! You can also go on rides and watch performing acts, there's popcorn, there's cotton candy, there's awesome things to do that will make you laugh and make you fall in love. You'll really enjoy each other's company and you can hold hands and show off your date to everyone else there! You can scream, and laugh together and hold each other close while on those scary high and even maybe upside down roller coasters too! And all girls know we love when our man wins us a stuffed animal! It's so adorable!

4 Wonderfully Romantic First Date Ideas4 Wonderfully Romantic First Date Ideas

So whichever one of these things you decide on together, (of if you decide to do more than one) I guarantee it will go great and you'll have a wonderful first date! There will even be a second one! So have fun and enjoy! Don't over think anything, don't be scared about anything, just relax and be yourself no matter what you do!


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  • Going to a carnival to Brazil --Rio De Janairo--with your girlfriend could be a dream idea , because it could be very romantic. You will fall in love immediately because of the Romantic atmosphere , the warmth and happiness all around.

  • Well, I didn't have a picnic with her but had a nice walk through a park with her.


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