My First Date ideas

Disclaimer: Women and men vary from one to the next, these ideas might give you good ideas for dates #2,#3,#4, etc ... If you're male, the chances are you're the one who's asking for a first date - this take is primarily to hep men, but can also help women out.

Got a girl? What to do next ...

My First Date ideas.

You've met a girl, she's keen/interested, but you don't know what to do next?

  • First of all, if she's showing good signs of interests, you need to assume that she likes you. If you ask her out on a date and she declines, who cares - move to the next.
  • Next, after getting her number/contact details, you need to make quick about asking her on a date. Why? Because the more you talk about hobbies, food, drink, miscellaneous crap, the more she's going to think "Is this guy gay?" or "Is he even interested?". You NEED to be assertive and forward.
  • The way you ask her doesn't really matter because she likes you, even a "Fancy going bowling Saturday?" is fine. If she can make it she will tell you, if she can't she'll tell you, but will give you a date she can. My current GF was very nervous when I asked her out, so nervous that she didn't tell me of date she was free. I instantly thought "Shit she's not interested". A couple hours later she sends me a text telling me she could the next week, and guess what? Her best friend had helped her!

The date. What's best for us?

First dates are INCREDIBLY important, they sent the foundations of the relationship (if it gets that far).

Last year I was dating this girl and the first date was horrible, we weren't on the same level of interest and we weren't seeing things eye-to-eye. The "relationship" lasted 1 month.

  • Keep the first date simple and meaningful. There's nothing worse than a really overbearing and awkward first date. It screams cringe.
  • Choose something you can both do together, but choose something that you can do but talk and interact as well. What I mean is, DON'T choose a film at a cinema, don't choose a "romantic" restaurant. Think about it, first dates are "getting-to-know-eachothers" not a desperately awkward "I-can't-talk-I'm-eating" or "Shhh-it's-a-cinema" thing.
  • Make sure you don't do just one thing. My current GF and I decided to go bowling on our first date. We managed to touch eachother a lot when one of us did well, and we were able to talk as loudly as we wanted. We then went to this nice bar to grab a few drinks and laugh some more, and finally we sealed the night with a kiss.
  • A visit to your local zoo, a walk along a river, even a damn museum is good.

My First Date ideas



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What Girls Said 2

  • My boyfriend had the assertiveness you call for, and voila, I'm his girlfriend!
    However, what's the difference between assertiveness and moving too fast, in your opinion? Because I'm sure many get the two mixed up.

  • Great advice, kudos.


What Guys Said 1

  • Great take!

    "First of all, if she's showing good signs of interests, you need to assume that she likes you. If you ask her out on a date and she declines, who cares - move to the next."

    ^ best part


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