Attractive Hispanic women: Have you dated a black guy before?

I want to know what was your experience in dating a black man? was it great? was he your first? If you haven't dated one, would you consider it? The main reason why I'm asking this because I live in the Bronx and Latinas usually date their own while most Latino men don't discriminate on women. This make me wanna think that Hispanic women are very narrow minded, conceited and adverse to dark skin people but I don't want to jump into conclusions. When I'm generally talking dating black men, its not African Americans. It could a guy from the Caribbean, South America, UK or Africa with a great personality. I would love a feedback from Hispanic Women Only. Note: I want only Hispanic Women to give me a feedback. NO men allowed. Women can speak for themselves.


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  • Latinas that stick more to their culture will usually not date black men. Latinas who are more Americanized would consider dating black men. I dated a black fellow once and a few of my friends have dated black guys, but it's never been serious. In my experience, the black guys who have been interested in me had only an interest in sex. Even a fellow from Rwanda, who wanted to go out with me was obviously only interested in the sexual aspect. I have had black friends who told me that one of the biggest reasons they went after latinas was because of their bodies. They had the butts and chests they liked, with the added sexiness of being latina. This happens a lot, and hispanic women know it, so when we're considering men that we want to date, we tend to stay away from black guys because we want something serious and not based on sex. And unfortunately, even though there are black men who do want serious relationships, they get a bad rep. It's sort of common knowledge in the Hispanic world that black men like Latina women's bodies.

    • I'm not even like that at all. There's black men like me who would be in a serious relationships. The black men that fit that stereotype are usually African Americans. What about the latino or white men with that same bad intentions, would you reject him too? Look Its all about the individual, not about race or background. I'm Jamaican, who is a nerd, currently in college to reach my goals, open minded and when I settle down, I prefer to marry a hispanic girl. I despise one night stand to begin. And most black americans like to use an attractive girl as a piece of meat and leave them for dead, that's why I would avoid hanging around with them.

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    • I'm not just into Latinas, but also other women as well. I'm also attracted to Middle eastern, European, Indian and Asian women as well. The reason why I mention Attractive is due to the fact that black men tend to the get the average to fat & ugly type women while whites and latinos get the attractive ones. I want to work my way up to marry the woman I'm attracted to. I grew up around hispanics and I find the most of the women attractive ever since. But most important thing about a female is her personality which sells. If a girl is attractive but has a ugly an ugly personality, of course I wouldn't date her.

    • Yeah but if she has the best personality in the world but is ugly, you wouldn't even look at her, it seems.
      The sad truth is, African American get a bad rep, and people don't care if you're from the Caribbean, or Africa or anywhere. For a lot of people, it makes no difference. If you are in college and whatnot, then the place you should be looking for a girlfriend is on campus.
      But honestly, even though your username says I hate bigotry, you yourself are being a bigot. You can't accept that the women you have come into contact with that you have desired don't want to be with you, and since you go for Latina women, you just want to assume that all Latina women are "narrow minded, conceited and adverse to dark skin people". And I also never said I would never date a black guy. I've had certain experiences with black men that would make me wary of starting a relationship with one, but his ethnicity wouldn't be a dealbreaker.

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  • Not yet but my sister has a black boyfriend

  • Please give this a rest.

  • don't know if I'm attractive but I'm hispanic. Personally, I wouldn't date one not because I'm narrow-minded but the black guys that I've met tend to be smooth talkers so I can't take them seriously. They're funny as hell so I don't mind keeping them as friends but I have yet to feel any type of chemistry towards one. Around my area I know a lot of Black/Latina couples so it really depends where you stay at.

    • what about Jamaicans and Africans? Is skin color the problem?

    • I'm not a smooth talker. I would want to pursue a relationship with one. I don't believe in one night stand.

    • I don't care about color. I've dated guys with darker skin than I but I don't know what's missing. I've had black people act racist or mean when I was younger so I think that's partly the reason but a lot of Black guys are gorgeous.

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  • NO men allowed eh?

    What a shame because someone needs to tell you to fuck off and none of the women have yet. I know who you are, you've asked this question before and you got your answer you just didn't like it. You have a stupid Latina fetish and you're pissed because the ones you've met don't have a convenient opposing fetish for blacks. Give it a rest already, you're making us look bad.

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