He says he's picky and doesn't want to settle down, but yet he wants to see where things go between us?

Okay so long story short. I met this guy, he's amazing and we have a great time together! He tells me he wants to see me more and see where it leads because he feels comfortable around me and he feels he has a connection with me and he has never felt that way in a long time. He does work a lot so it's hard for him to find time to spend with me, but I don't mind it.

But he told me he is picky and he doesn't want to settle because of that reason, but yet he wants to see where us together goes and go from there. I mean I understand that we are going to take things slow, but if he doesn't want to really settle, what could this be between us?


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  • Give it time, but I would be a little offended he told you he was picky, be prepared for it to go nowhere or just sex

  • It's good sign that he told you what is in his mind, at least. Not all guys do that.

    As for 'picky', did he mean about women or what?

    My suggestion is since you have just started this you should give it some time. You should also make sure you like him.

    • hahah he is picky about some stuff, like woman and food lol. he told me if he finds the right girl than he will get in a relationship with her. But he still wants to take me out on dates and see where it goes, and im fine with that. Take things slow at least. But I'm starting to like him, he is an amazing guy.

      But yes he is honest with me and he's not afraid to speak his mind, which is good. lol

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