Okay what did I do wrong? Why did he just drop me all of a sudden?

I met a guy online and we hit it off great. We snapped and texted each other frequently. So no surprises when we saw each other for the first time. I couldn't stay long so I bought him dinner. I didn't look that disturbing because I had a performance earlier so I was a bit dolled up. He had a long day at work and works in the navy so i decided to bring him dinner. We sat in my car and talked about how his day was, what he really does in the navy, horror movies, what we really want to do in life and how hot it was. He was laughing and it seemed like he was having a genuinely good time. No awkward pauses or anything. He tried talking about cars and being well me I have no car language up my alley. Was that off putting? Or the fact I talked fast. He wanted me to get out of the car and hug me. Then he picked me up and left. Was it also off putting I kept joking about how he might of been a seriel killer? When I got home he said he had a fishing trip so our date was cancelled. I sent him snaps the next day and he opened it. Yet he doesn't respond to me anymore. What did I do wrong?):


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  • To be honest, I think that you showed him that you were too interested in him and it pushed him away. I have a couple a questions to ask, why didn't he take you out to a nice restaurant or a coffee shop? You said that you bought him and brought it to him. Were you eating as well, or was he the only one eating? He's pretty selfish. The conversation didn't seem romantic at all. Who talks about cars with a nice young lady during the first time meeting her? That's also messed up.
    Sweetheart, I wouldn't worry about him calling back. It's best to find someone who is going to value you and not mistaken your kindness for weakness. He wasn't looking for anything serious, just casual. He noticed that you wanted more, so he had to jet.
    Next time, don't be so nice. I believe it's okay to do those type of things if you've been dating the guy for a while or if he happens to be your boyfriend.
    Good luck next time.

    • He offered to take me out but I declined. He wanted to see me so bad but I could only stay for ten minutes a quick chat because my sister was coming home.

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  • There are only a couple of different reasons a guy will suddenly stop talking to you.

    1. He thinks getting sex from you will be impossible, or too difficult

    2. You aren't as attractive as he thought as first

    3. He think you're boring/annoying

    4. He started talking to someone else.

    Being that he is an online dater, the first or last reasons are probably the most likely

    • Oh, another would be that he doesn't like the direction he feels the relationship is taking.

    • 2) We sent each other snaps constantly so i don't think he thought I was less attractive.
      4) We had a lot in common except the car thing
      So maybe he did find someone else...

    • Online dating is never the most secure thing. People could disappear any time and you might never find out

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  • Its not you. Some guys online don't like to commit hence why there single. Don't give up as some do. Just like when you meet people day after day, some are right for you most aren't. Online there are many guys who are single for a reason, they don't know how to keep it going yet they are looking for women. Something I don't get. I know the feeling as same happened to me. Guys can be cowards but you'll find someone :)

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