Guys help me out. He says he is interested but He doesn't call. Does this mean he's really not interested?

So I've been seeing a guy for a few months. We spend time together during the week and weekends. When we are together we have a great time. He's always telling me stories about himself and even complains to me about stuff that's bothering him. He tells me everything about himself. He's always making me laugh too. He tries to find out of I'm seeing other guys and I'm not. And he teases me about it. He's even called me his girlfriend before and his friend called me his girlfriend but whenever I try to talk about it he just says he doesn't like talking about his feelings and if he's spending time with me than he's interested. I've made it clear how I feel and what I want but I feel like I'm guessing as to how he feels about me and what he wants. We will spend the day together and then he'll spend the night and he'll make me breakfast in the morning and he hangs around for a few hours before leaving and it's great. But he doesn't call me. I feel like I'm always calling him. And I don't call him or text him much. I always thought if a guy likes you he would call you and tell you how he feels. Do you think he's just stringing me along while he's looking for something better? Should I just walk away or wait and see what happens?


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  • Guys can be confusing
    Try to be forward, but not harsh that you want to talk to him about the two of you
    If if keeps tryin to blow it off, or doesn't want to talk about it, see if you can discover why that is.
    If he doesn't want to talk about it for no good reason, then you should rethink about your relationship with him

    In a relationship, both parties need to be able to talk about what the other wants. You shouldn't be doing all of the work.


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  • I personally hate calling people in general. How often do you see each other? Some guys just don't need to call since they don't know what to talk about anyways.

    • We see each other a couple times a week. Sometimes we'll spend the whole day at the beach and he stay the night too. When I do call him he answers and we talk for a while. Seems to be about him tho. But I don't like to talk about myself much so

    • I think there is no indication of whether he likes you or not. It should be fine.

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  • Well I had a guy call and text me 24/7 and he said he is NOT interested in me so I'm pretty confused but I don't think you should base it on the quantity of phone calls