What does it mean when she says, "something came up"?

A girl I'm seeing abruptly canceled meeting up. I said I was on my way. She said, "don't come out something came up". She then went dark. I haven't heard from her since mid afternoon yesterday. I don't know if we are dating. There's definitely energy going on and we've already gone on one date / outing but she's hard to read.


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  • She probably just had something big happen and she has been distracted. Don't blow up her phone, that'll piss her off. Give her space and let her come to you. Sometimes women cancel plans BC they are not interested, but not like that. I honestly think something big happened and she is just busy "dealing" with it whether physically or emotionally.

    • Thanks. I will give her space.

    • It appears she is not interested. I think if something big came up and she cared at all she would have let me know something by now.

    • That could definitely be what it is. Get out and meet new people, that always helps. Don't take it personal.

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  • She's very easy to read. She's not interested

    • She invited me to the park and asked to see me again. Do you think that she has lost interest since then?

    • Also, if she was interested but now she is not is there some way to fix it or should I stop talking to her for a while?

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  • "Something came up" is a pretty vague way of blowing someone off. It's possible that is what happened and she doesn't want to elaborate the why.

    But I would say, as a rule it's a precursor to her ignoring you. It's a catch 22, if you attempt to find out you become "annoying" by asking her whats up, she'll have a real reason to stop talking to you, but if you don't reach out, she has accomplished pulling the rug out from under your feet while not even having to deal with the upset version of you.

    Give her space, but ignore her back. She'll hit you up if she's interested... but either way, like always. The ball is in the girls court.

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