Do Spanish men like Indian women?

I am actually a hybrid but I got my mum's Indian features predominantly. So much so, that I would easily pass as an Indian rather than my father's European features.

I am quite interested in this Spanish guy but I am not sure if I am attractive to him. Hence the silly question I am posting. :P

To describe myself: I am tiny (5 feet), tanned (brown) skin, jet black waist length hair, hazel eyes and I am slim. I don't have a model's figure or anything because I love to eat but I am not fat either. I guess I have a normal body with a generous butt for my frame. I don't really have bulges as I exercise to be healthy and eat to my heart's content. And yeah, I do have an Ivy League education but when you meet a guy, the first thing he doesn't ask is about your academic background. :D


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  • I believe it is not that easy, there is no such thing as Spanish guys don't like for example indian girls, I believe that every man differs, there will be plenty of Spanish guys who'll like Indian girls, there will be plenty that do not, something like this is not general at all.

    Try to find out what he like by asking subtile questions.

    Good luck


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  • I am an Indian... For me u r good..
    if u talk to the Spanish guy nicely he might also like u.


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  • Questions like this confuse me...

    Yes Spanish men can like Indian women... Do I know if this particular man likes Indian women no, no I don't.
    But think of it this way, if an Indian woman likes a Spanish man, then their must be a return ratio for the number of Spanish men who like Indian women.
    You can't generalize crushes by races. Love is individual to the individuals. That's why we have biracial and bicultural relationships all over the world.