I'm hard to read? a closed book?

the guy i've been talking to told me that i'm hard to read and that i'm like a closed book.

i think this is because i'm scared to open up my feelings because i dont want to be judged or scare him away and i've never been fully open with anyone...

anyway what does this mean to you and what can i do to be easier to read i guess or more open?


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  • This is a rhetorical question. You've basically answered your own question. If are somewhat guarded about opening up and letting out your feelings then OF COURSE the guy is going to say that you're a hard read because he can't seem to get you to open up. To help you out, try asking questions that are open ended and not a yes and no. Meaning try phrasing questions where they will almost HAVE to illicit a well thought out answer to what your question was, this will greatly move the conversations along a lot longer and hopefully smoother where you two can finally find that connection.

    • Aha thanks this was very helpful :)

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    • thank you!! i used a lot of these on my last date with him and it really helped us to get to know each other on a deeper level

      i appreciate your help :)

    • pssssshhh baby I know! hahaha you're more than welcomed I'm glad to be of service.

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  • Just tell him everything you feel won't turn him off, and none of that friendzone crap! I try to help a girl out and fix her problems and now she won't even fucking snuggle with me

    • but the thing is i've told him everything i've felt towards him, we've been on many dates so I don't know what else i can do to open up

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  • I also have been told that I am hard to read and that I am a closed book. That's because I rarely share any really personal information. I can tell you I went shopping, I went to cooking class, I think Neiman Marcus is overpriced, etc., but I won't give out information about my family, who I am dating, if I like someone etc.

    I've been burned in the past where you give out a little piece of information and it's all over the work grapevine. Hated it and swore I wouldn't let it happen again. I limit my personal information to very few, trusted friends.