Girls, would you date someone with bad skin?

really like a girl and want to ask her out but my skin problem is holding me back.

I'm 19, I've suffered from bad acne for 2 years (and hated myself for it). Eventually I got the strongest possible medication and it cleared up my acne but left me with red marks and thinner skin than before (which causes my forehead to be kinda bumpy because of the underlying veins), this will go away but it will also take some time :/
The dermatologist also gave me a cc creme to heal the red marks faster and to cover them up in the meantime (although it doesn't really 'cover' that much, it's not make-up).
In normal lighting and with the creme on it can look quiet decent (see picture), without the creme or in direct sunlight everything is a lot more visible.

So yeah, would you date someone with bad skin?
People talk about how confidence is the key element, that's not really my problem. The thing that's holding me back is that I want the best for her and I doubt that that's me. I agree that the inside is a lot more important, but she deserves a really good guy, you can't deny that looks also play a part.

picture of me: imgur. com/ZEBDcCx (sorry the site won't let me use links, just remove the space)

Keep in mind that the picture is a best case scenario (good light + creme). I know that my skin doesn't seem bad in that one. I just wanted to give people a idea of what I look like.

Wrong link for the picture :/
Here's the right one: imgur. com/WLCbxmW


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  • To be honest, yes. I personally wouldn't care if a guy I liked had acne or not. Of course being in your teen years and the mere fact that you associate with teenagers who are still shallow, there will be some girls who wouldn't be willing to date a guy with bad skin, but there are girls out there who really couldn't care less if you had acne or not. Its a normal thing for everyone and if you're going to worry about what she's going to think about your skin, then maybe you shouldn't date her. Trust me. If really did like you as much as you like her, then she won't care. If she does like you and the thing holding her back from saying yes is your acne, then I highly suggest that you give your feelings for this girl a second thought.


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  • I would date someone with bad skin. Most girls would but are too shallow to know. I say go for the girl if she likes you (which she should, you seem like a sweet person) then great job! If she doesn't, wait awhile then ask again, and I don't mean two weeks try more like a month or two, don't try too often or she'll think you're really creepy. Good luck and happy datings!!

  • Yes, in fact my bf has bad skin. He gets acne then scratches them and make them these dark scap things. Despite this I still find him aattractive and love him.

  • Yes I would


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