Can you feel a connection with someone when it is one sided or is it all in your head?

i don't believe in fate or everything happens for a reason but i believe you have a connection with certain people you met thats how you differ your emotions with people. can you feel a connection with someone and it be only one sided, does this mean it is all in your head or there truly is something there? what happens when your both with different people but you can't seem to stop the contact, you always end up in contact whether it be weeks or months later


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  • I think that this phrase 'everything happens for a reason' is made up by people just so they could explain why something happened. But, I really believe in that because I've been in situations when that phrase actually had a meaning and it was true. But, if it's one sided connection I think it's all in our heads. Because if there was something between two persons, that connection wouldn't be one sided.. And i think that the worst thing is when you can feel strong connection and it's both sided but something breaks you two apart (age difference, when you're far apart etc.)

  • this caught my eye cuz i was wondering the same thing. i have that connection with someone but pretty sure he could care less if i ever speak to him again, LOL... its hard to say but i know on my end, it was real. i became a different person, in a good way, when i was around him but now that we haven't spoke in a bit, i am back to being my hermity self. i feel honestly lost without him

    • i know how you feel when you say you feel lost without him. the guy i feel it with, started it all and we have known each other years and through relationships always end back up talking, he's currently in relationship and said he wanted to stay friends so he could always know how im doing but she found out she is pregnant and now he says he doesn't think its fair if we stay friends. so thats why im starting to doubt if there ever was a connection. i have become a dofferent person as well, why are guys so complicated lol. i feel as though if it was all in our heads then why was in so intense when we did see each other and speak... its all so confusing

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    • the worst part is, everyone you talk to about it will say you are crazy or obsessed. like your feelings are invalid. it makes you feel even more alone which makes it all worse. that being sad, if you need to "talk" message me anytime and i am sorry things are too complicated to fix for you :(

    • yeah lol i think sometimes i sound abit obsessed with it all to my friends! it does make you feel alone and even more sad! thank you, you too! yeah me to but its life i gueess

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