Girl cancelled Third date twice, but still wants to re-schedule?

I was meant to see a girl for third date on Saturday, she lets me know on Sat mid-day that she forgot she had made other plans with someone who had just called her to remind her. I gave her the benefit of the doubt and she suggested Sunday and the come then she says she is too hungover and doesn't think she would be good company - she wants to see me in the week though should I accept this or should I give up after being cancelled on twice?

We had two good dates before this, and have still spoken a fair bit so I'm getting mixed messages now.


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  • Maybe she is being genuine and didn't want u sitting with her when she feels sick and probably just wants to sleep. I think you should give her one last chance and if she cancels this time just delete her number and find someone else to go on a date with in future :) hope this helps x


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  • I think you should accept the offer but from now on leave it up to her to make the plans with you.
    If she cares enough she will tell you when she Is free and call you.

    • Thanks, I will definitely let her be the proactive one now and if she does want to see me then hoping she does what you said, and if not I'll move upwards and onwards!

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  • You got passed up for a party or something similar. She sounds like one of those people with too many friends and friends are more important to her than a potential partner. I would take this with a grain of salt. She does seem interested in seeing you. I would keep an eye out. Accept another date, but watch how it goes. If she seems like one of these people that are just too into their friends she will never really be into you 100%.

    • Cheers, I do agree with you here about her importance of friends will give her another chance and see as when we are together we do get on very well. I'll also be more wary and do things with my friends instead of holding back to see her.

    • I completely agree. She has to make the effort now

  • She's just stringing you along. For attention and her ego.
    Move on