So she cancels second date, advice?

Hi all,

so here's the story :

You have the first date on a Friday night and it goes well, complete with a kiss at the end.

On Monday you contact her to make a second date for the Tuesday night.

She agrees, adds she is wrecked from so much partying over the weekend.

So its Tuesday, and you're meant to be meeting up that night.

She texts you in the morning apologetic saying that she has to cancel.

Says she is 'poisoned from the weekend', and is going to the doctor.

Adds that's 'another time would be cool though'.


Part of me wants to take this at face value, but this could also be an excuse to avoid the second date.

I'm thinking off not contacting her anymore. It could be a legitimate excuse though.

Its a pity as I really like her but don't want to be made a fool of.


Should I contact her again?

Or cut her loose?


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  • Contact her again! It was only one cancellation and it's probably a legitimate excuse. Ask her out again and see how it goes, don't give up so fast.

  • no its too early and one time she cancelled. plans are not gonna always go the way you want. Some things can happen but you will know if she was just avoiding seeing you again when she keeps cancelling and has lame excuses all the time, when you hear less and less from her, when she seems distant then you will know but no this could be legitimate so don't worry about it, find somethin else to do tues and this time let her contact you and make some plans that shows effort because it takes two when both are really interested in each other. If you don't hear from her, then you know that she just wasn't that into you altho it may have seem like it on the first date. Don't always be so available for her, ok? You don't want to seem like you have no life. When or if she calls first now, take time to answer or text back, not an hr but a few minutes or so. What it takes now is Patience and positive attitude about this whole situation. You win some and you lose some when dating until you meet that right person who is just for you.


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