I found out My bf has Tinder apps on his phone... What should I do?

I just found out his phone has tinder apps. His niece was playing with his phone and she accidentally hit his Tinder and I saw his phone screen was showing girls pictures.
I don't know anything about Tinder but does that mean he is actively using?

Should I ask him to show me the apps? He used to be active in the other dating site and I asked him to stop using and he deleted the account. Back then he said he is trying to make friends on there but he understood me and deleted the account immediately. We have been dating for only 3 months so he might have had Tinder on his phone before I met him and he may have not used it since then,... Is there any way to find out? I didn't want him to think I don't trust him but I can't help thinking about it...


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  • Heys, I would say Tinder is totally shitty dating app! But for your precautions I can give you tips cause I had personally tried just 3 weeks back and deleted it over the weekend, it totally sucks, guys in there are mostly looking for a girl who they can have more than friends to be with.

    To find out if he is active? Yes you can!

    How to find out? Create an account with a nice name and put up a picture a really sexy one, best its not you or not showing your face ( so he won't know) but beware you will find crazy people mathcing with you. Once you know its his profile, just slide to right to like him and of he has like you as well you will know that and can see him in your chats already!

    And to find out of he is online? Under his pictures in profile it shows 0 minutes means he is online! Or number of minutes he was last time online.

    Extra info: You can try to find out what he is really looking for in tinder by talking to him, and you will know if he is worth your time dating for real or just waste of time!

    Hope this helps! :)

    • This is why I don't deal with females. Too many stupid childish games you all play. It's like you are stuck in a 5 year old's mentality. Completely disgusting and abhorrent.

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    • Thank you for your advise... I want to talk to him about it... I have a strong feeling that he is using it but if he has seen someone else is a different story maybe...

      If someone matches with him on Tinder can she see his Facebook page? Because his relationship status on there is in relatioship. Does Tinder have relationship status too?

    • Nope tinder doesn't have and he can decide to choose what photos he wants to put up in Tinder and its not connected to FB in anyway except for the first time setting it up.

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  • I don't know enough about it other then it's for dating. For any relationship I would say the best thing is just to communicate with each other.

    Be careful when you approach him to not put him on the defensive, that will kill your communication.

    • I know, I just don't want to yell at him or showing my doubt that he is trying to cheat or looking for another options beside me.

      I was thinking to ask him straight forward if he is using constantly and show me the apps on his phone to see if he is telling me the truth. Is that bad?

    • I think that's an easy way for him to lie about it personally. Probably a good start just to establish the two of you can communicate in general and lead up to it. Let him know that you want to be able to talk about anything, even the difficult things. Show him that you can handle it and you care enough that honesty is okay. Try to avoid emotions coming over you and just make yourself easy to talk to.

      I don't know specifically how you should tackle it but the main thing is to be a partner he can talk to about anything and also him for you.

      That's not an easy thing to do but makes the strongest relationships

    • You might be okay with asking him straight out. I just think it would be better to make the situation comfortable before diving into it

  • Well you can talk to him about or snoop, I'd go with the first but just because he has tinder on his phone doesn't mean he's active.

    • He randomly turn his GPS on and turn it off... I am wondering maybe it is because if it? His GPS is off at home but when he is coming back from work or he is out in town it's on...

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    • can i tell if he is getting matches or not by looking at his profile?

    • No, not unless you get a neutral friend that he doesn't know to create a profile and see if he pops up.

  • I wouldn't worry about it. Tinder is a useless app.

  • Have him set up a threesome with one of the girls and you. Enjoy a great fuck.

    • Although I laughed at this, its kinda fucked up too

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    • They are and can. be extremely healthy and fun in a relationship. Its just kind of and odd thing to say to her since she has a concern bout her relationship health.

    • I don't thinks so, but cool, we all have our opinions man.

  • Get one of your mates to swipe right and see what happens

    • what do you mean by swipe right?

    • It means you friend likes him and wouldlike to chat with him.

    • Once you swipe right it means you think the other person is hot and if they both swipe they can talk

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  • How old is he?

    • he is 28

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    • If you connect with him on tinder can people see his facebook?

    • No it just tells you how many interests/likes you have in common and how many mutual friends you have. It doesn't say if you're single or in a relationship. It doesn't link you to your Facebook.

  • Find out what his user name is. Create and account and contact him.
    You'll know for sure

    • Can I find out when he was las active by looking at his profile?

    • I don't have the app. But I imagine if you or a friend connect with him there you would know. Besides you will know if he is still active if he responds.