Can I ever get a Girlfriend if I'm Disabled Cognitively and can't talk maturely even If I'm an Adult?

I'm in my thirties. I've never had a girlfriend, not even a date. Women are never interested in me. They flock to the playboys or smart guys or career guys. They seem to like social guys.

I have Disability because of brain trauma and my cognitive abilities are more like a kid than an adult.

Normal nondisabled Women do not think Disabled men are an ideal mate. I've even read forums where women are asked if they would ever date disabled men, and they always say No. That they want someone in their same intelligence level and someone who can stimulate them intellectually.

And usually there is more Disabled guys than Disabled girls so it's hard to even see any disabled women around my age.

Is it ever possible to find love/girlfriend?


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  • You might have difficulty getting some girls to date you but if you date a disabled girl I think you might have a chance. I volunteer with disabled people and I know a lot of disabled people who date other disabled people so it is possible. Just find somebody who is more needy for a relationship than the others such as somebody who is widowed, very lonely etc... They also have disabled dating websites as well. Good luck and remember to pray!!! I know a very disabled girl who is visibly disabled in every way and she dated a millionaire with a low i. q. (he inherited the money from his dad) - he was also extremely good to her and they lived together for many years as well.


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  • Honestly, I would date a guy who's disabled. Hell, I have! And I would gladdly do it again! The only reason him and I aren't dating is because he died. I see nothing wrong with dating the disabled, normally they're WAY more fun than normal people! I hope you find someone who loves you for you! Cause you diserve it! c:

  • can you join a support group and meet a disabled woman?

    • I do but like i said, there's almost no women around my age. The majority of women are 60s and up.

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  • You need to work on your heart. Not even your own idea of your heart. Unfortunately for this world, I cannot recommend doing it alone. You need God to soften it. Just like I needed God to soften my cold heart.

    Nothing is more attractive to many women than a soft, kind, tender heart.


    Because. MOST men have no connection with their own hearts. They are about themselves... Unable, and unwilling to open up to and allow another human being in. So many men suffer from this. It is sad.

    But if YOU can have a soft heart, then YOU will find a woman who loves it. She will not marry you for looks, or for intellect, as many men have neither, but she will marry you because of your ability to love her.

    • I'm a nice guys and with a nice heart, i just can't speak like the typical people of my age and i can't understand and discuss difficult conversations and topics. So that's why i don't understand why up to now , no woman has ever liked me. Which sucks.

  • It's possible but you're likely going to have to go for a woman who is also mentally disabled.

    • Yeah i guess. But so is it true that nondisabled women are disgusted by mentally disabled guys?
      I read some forums where a guy asked this and many women said that yeah they couldn't ever see themselves dating disabled guys. That they would accept physically disabled but definitely couldn't accept mentally disabled

    • I wouldn't say they're "disgusted" just not interested in dating them. Many women see mentally disabled people as children and the thought of dating children is detestable to them, as you can imagine.