Would a guy that's 6 foot or taller have issues dating a girl that's closer to 5 foot?

I'm five foot one inches and have recently gotten into looking at dating. When it comes to finding guys I seem to be more attracted to those who are in the six foot range. Can any of you taller guys give me some insight on how you'd feel being with someone whose a foot or more shorter than you? Girls if you've been with guys that are a foot or more taller what bumps have you run into?


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  • If it helps any, I am 6'4", and I actually prefer short girls (5'4" and under). I will date a girl of any height, but the shorter ones are easily my preference. Especially the ones right around your height.

    That being said, while short girls are my preference, height itself is a pretty low priority for me when it comes to deciding whether or not to date someone. If we connect emotionally and intellectually, though, and she just happens to be short as well, it's a definite bonus.


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  • It feels sometimes weird, but I tend to forget about this difference when we're immersed in infatuation and conversation.


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