Boyfriend keeps checking up on me on social media. Why is he doing this?

I've been dating this one guy for 6 weeks or so now. Everything is really great and I'm happy to be with him.

But I've realised once or twice that he looks at my caller ID over my shoulder whenever someone calls. One time one of my friends called me and he said 'Who is ___?'

Yesterday we were hanging out and I caught his eye when he was looking at my phone, which I had left on the couch (I was just surfing through my newsfeed on facebook)

He even seems to be checking up on me on whatsapp to see my 'last seen' activity when I don't text him throughout the day.

Could he have insecurity issues or is it normal for him to be this curious?


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  • oh god... same reason i dumped my ex.
    he's clingy. I'm telling u now, this will get worse. and it is EFFING. ANNOYING.

    'who's this guy?'
    'whys he following you?'
    'why dont u delete those comments when people compliment u?'
    'why dont u set ur profile on private?'
    'why dont you block him?'
    'where r u going with ur friend today?'
    'when r u coming back?
    'be careful'

    mannnn i could go on forever. u really dont wanna get caught up in it, believe a stranger lol:P


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  • I think the guy has every right to check up on you. 6 weeks is not a very long time, and there are a lot of trashy whores out there that change men quicker than they change their panties. If you're really such a great girlfriend, you should have nothing to hide. If you're hiding something though, he's making the right decision by investigating himself. If I get a new girlfriend, and she's flirting with some guy on Facebook, I will confront her about it. I've had several girls get mad and say, "STAY OUT OF MY BUSINESS!" or something similar, and every one of those girls ended up cheating.

  • He seems to be nosy and have trust issues.
    Confront him the next time he does it. Ask him why he is checking up on you.

  • No trust at all.


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