Guys and girls, do you have any romantic fantasies?

Not just sex! I mean like cute, romantic, fantasy things you would like to do with your partner/crush.

For example, my romantic fantasy is to dance a waltz wearing big beautiful dress with Choi Seung-hyun (T. O. P from BIGBANG) all alone in a ballroom only lit candle light, to ''Neville's waltz'' from Harry Potter... Silly I know, but a girl can dream xD

Do guys even have these sort of dreams?


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  • I fantasize about slow dancing too! I've never done it because I feel like it's a dying thing--they didn't play a single slow song at my prom, for example--and it honestly depresses me. But I have this vision where me and my boyfriend are chilling alone in my dorm room and we have smooth jazz music playing and just hold each other close as we dance in the room only lit by the Christmas lights hanging on the wall. Also I would like to sit on the roof of a building and stargaze with him, or even watch the sunset. It's so cheasy, but still realistic enough to happen someday, maybe :P


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  • My favorite by far takes place around Christmas time.

    Setting: I am walking slowly, my arm around her shoulder holding her close to my body. It's very chilly outside, but the energy between us keeps us warm. A gentle, distant radio is playing "The Christmas Song - Nat King Cole," as we walk through a bunch of old shops and toy stores. It's nighttime, we're alone, but the Moon is out and the lights around us are bright. There is a Christmas Tree at the very end of the street, imagine a small town with a central road leading to a government building or something.

    Scene 1:
    Starting from the end of the Street, with the tree about 400-500 feet away, we exit a shop. She's smiling, wearing a grey dressy winter jacket, preferably a wool exterior. She has leggings on underneath as the coat ends at her upper thighs. Her hair is long, curling slightly at the end, her head is angled on my shoulder. She has a light smell of cinnamon on her hair which filters all the air around her making my head swim. We begin making our way.

    At a very brightly lit toy shop, we turn to face the window, and I start telling her about how I'd love to have a little boy/girl to bring everything in bright packages on Christmas morning. And she moves slightly away, her hand sliding down to meet mine, her face stares to the side, and she say's lightly "Next year you will," clearly afraid I might be upset, but without saying a word I put my hand on her cheek and face her towards me, smiling at her, almost crying, pull her close, push her lightly against the brick wall of the toy store, and kiss her.

    Scene 2:
    The music comes into play now, as it wasn't really audible before. I tell her how happy she's making me, grab her hand and pull her forward almost skipping down the road. I start pointing at all the clothes our baby girl will look good in, all the toy soldiers our boy will want to play with.

    • And we do this all the way to the end of the street, standing right under the tree.

      It just sorts of ends here, but sometimes we make snow angels, have little snowball fights, slip around on the ice. It's a very reoccurring fantasy especially when the air starts getting chilly.

  • Besides cuddling all night. None in particular.

  • Dancing the Tango with Gong Li.


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