She didn't text back?

So I met this girl on the elevator she study on the same college as me and on the fourth time i met her I asked her number and got it.
I texted her for 3 weeks (not everyday) she took 3 hours to respond my first text, one time i took 2 days to respond her text cause I forgot my phone on my dad house so after I respond she took 2 days to respond too. She is not very open over text, but when we talk in personal she is very open, aways smiling and asking me question (not personal but about college).
So one day I decided to ask her out, I don't like to do that over text but we never met on the elevator after i got her number , so after I asked her out by text she didn't respond.
I don't know what to do it already passed 1 week without texting.
help please !!


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  • Well her reaction is fair because she hasn't known you for long and it was over text. Just wait for next time when you see her ! See how she reacts to your greeting.

    • But you think I should text her again or just wait to see her in person? It may take a month to see her again cause it's really rare to met her in the elevator

    • I think best is to wait to see her

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  • I feel like a broken record. STOP judging people's motives , emotions and such based of of if they text you back or not, or how long it takes them to respond. It's completely ridiculous.

    Get off your phone, man up and talk to her in PERSON. You'll find the truth there.

    • I voted wrong sorry!
      Ok i will try to catch her in person, but how if we dont met...