Did she REALLY not get my text?

Girls ether don't reply to a text, or they reply many many hours later, or days later.

I SEE YOU LADIES on your phones going crazy texting all day. There is no way you didn't see my text.

So then do ladies just not reply when they are not interested in someone? Or not write too much so they don't appear desperate or needy?

Do girls reply to texts soon for a hot, fun and funny guy they are totally digging?

Or are girls really not getting the message guys send? How does this work ladies? With the hours you spend texting a day, I imagine you can find time for every guy that messages you, whether you know you like them or not!

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I guess my question needs to be.

When a girl texts back hours later...I mean 4 to 6 hours later or the next day, does this mean:

She is...:

A. Trying not to look desperate

B. Trying to make it seem like she doesn't text all day

C. Legitimately busy

D. Trying to show lack of interest
Did she REALLY not get my text?
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