She didn't call or text me what?

OK so there's this girl who works as a teller at my bank, very cute pretty cool. About a year or so ago after finishing my banking I casually asked her about a movie and coming with me. She had a boyfriend(oh well).

I thought nothing of it and bounced back. Even so after this last year or so we've still built a banter, talked about what's up with each other etc.

So we were talking the other day and I was joking with her about how she never goes anywhere does anything, and then she told me she's been going out a lot more. I asked why and she said oh my boyfriend and I broke up.

So I took it as no biggie and just told her about my plans for later(dollar bowling) with friends and told her to stop up.

She never did lol.

So the next day I went in and banked again(I run my own business in and out of the bank 3-4 times a week). She was there and said sorry she lost the number I gave her. So I teased her a bit and said she owed me and told her about how me and the guys were going out later.

She is also a liquor promo girl for Three Olives Vodka. She told me she was working at a place from 8 to 10 pm and me and the guys should stop by, so we did, we talked for a bit, flirted etc and that was that(she had to work at 830 am the next day at the bank).

I took this as an opportunity to be a nice guy and asked if she wanted me to bring her a cup of coffee, she of course accepted.

I then proceeded to ask her weekend plans and she said she had nothing, and then I asked her if she wanted to do something and she said yes.

So I bring her the coffee on Friday morning now and tell her when I leave I'll call her later and we'll finalize Saturday.

Call her leave a voice response.

Try to text her Sunday just a simple hey what's up...and again nothing. I intend to go do banking like normal in the next couple am I supposed to handle it? Am I wasting my time? Do I give her a chance to come up with an excuse? Do I not even say anything about it? Or do I not even bother asking her out ever again?
She didn't call or text me what?
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