Will my crush judge me?

My friend and I were talking about his crush in front of my crush the other day, and he said he thought she was very hot. I was in a class with her, and I said she was hot, but some days she dressed so sloppily.

My crush immediately said you don't have to dress good to be pretty (she is very cute, but not particularly "hot"). I quickly tried to defend myself by saying I know that, and then the conversation drifted.

Will she judge me for this comment? I'm afraid she will think I mean it towards her too (she dresses sloppy too - I don't even care, I was just saying...). I'm worried.


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  • Even if she does think you were mean, she'll get over it. If not, she has ego problems and you don't want someone like that anyway.

    • Thanks! I've really been blowing things with her lately, so this probably didn't help, though.

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  • y'all sound immature as fuck.

    • Um... Ok. We were just talking before a stressful test, were were unloading!

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  • Wait until you see her again and give her a good compliment. Tell her she's looking choice and be sure to throw in as always.

    • Ok.. I'll try. I've never complimented her before, so I may sound out of place.

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    • Lol, I hope I can build up the nerve... If we were not pretty good friends, honestly, I would not even care. But I don't want to lose a friend so quickly.

    • Just do it in an open way with something like, hey I know we're suppose to be just friends, but you sure are looking more than friend gorgeous these days so I thought I'd throw myself out there you know just in case you need a good man.