What is the meaning of goodbye kissing on the lips?

A girl that we used to meet in the bus and we went for lunch couple times was about leaving the city. We have arranged an appointment to go out for a cup of coffee. I brought a gift, the first gift I give for her, to say goodbye. Well after that date she sent me an SMS telling me the she would kiss me but she was shy. So, I have asked to see her to hug and kiss her and she accepted that. In the next day, I went to her flat. She has prepared a cool music and set on her bed and we started kissing on the lips and hugging for about 15min. I could see in her eyes and her shy face something like ''I LOVE YOU'' I have asked her for doing something like outer course but she rejected my offer and said that she wants nothing more than kissing. However we keep kissing each others for about more 10 min. Finally I have got a wonderful kiss on the door and I said goodbye.
I don't know what I can call that meeting. was she really in love with me? We were not meeting very often and she was saying that she is not looking for a BF because she is leaving in few months. Is it normal to have such a date only for goodbye kissing on the lips although that was I first time we kiss each other?

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  • Hmm maybe she wants a casual relationship with u.. No pressure or no discussion kind of thing?

  • Seems kind of weird... When a girl prepares that kind of thing...

    • Is she in love with me but the situation was not good for a relationship or it is only goodbye kissing?

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    • She is coming after one month to a city close to where I live " ca. 25Km" for two days. I am planing to surprize her to be there for few hours for her. Any suggestions? This is my first time so I don't know how to behave.

    • be funny and a real gentleman, greet her with a kiss on the cheek if your unsure and a big hug

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