A guy friend kissed me on the lips good bye, what does it mean?

Each year I make a Halloween party, my guy friend had said he wasn't coming this time because he had to work, but his sister was dying to come.

So when I saw him at the party I was very surprised and very happy, even though he had a costume and make up I recognized him immediately and hugged him. He was also happy to see me and until I hugged him and expressed my delight in his presence he hadn't recognized me.

He asked how I had known him immediately, even though no one else had been able to, but was very happy that I did recognize him. He jokingly said that if I wanted he could leave, because I had chastised him for telling me he wasn't coming.

During the party we danced a few times, and he noted I had improved my dancing.

At the end of the party, when he was leaving he came to say good bye, with his entourage, so first I said my good byes to his cousin and his sister.

When his turn came he hugged me tight said he had a great time that my costume had been great, kissed me on the cheek then hugged me again. Then he pulled apart a little, said he had a great time and that he values my friendship and the leaned towards me again and I thought he would hug me again when he surprised me by kissing me on the lips briefly.

I like him a lot, he's been a good friend and so I don't want to read to much into his gesture but it's driving me nuts.

His disguise consisted of a very elegant suit and tie; white make up, with blood and fake fangs, with spiked hair. After the party was over I noticed he left his blazer.

I don't know if he did it on purpose or he did it unconsciously.


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  • You lucky girl, I think he likes you.

    But aren't guys frustrating sometimes, they do something that blows your mind and then they walk out the door before you can ask them "why"!

    It sounds like you might be in for a great romance... Keep us up-to-date.

    • Yes, guys can be very, very frustrating on occasion. He caught me completely by surprise!

    • Thank you for selecting my answer as the "best". I wish you the very "best" in return!

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  • Had he been drinking?

    If he hadn't don't be shy! Ask him out for a non-threatening date. Like a coffee date.

    You can get to know each other more intimately.


    • As it was a party he did drink some, although he was sober. It's the first time he's flirted with me, and I certainly did not expect him to kiss me!

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  • he likes you


  • I am thinking that he wouldn't have kissed you on the lips if he only wanted to say good-bye! Tell us what happens.

    • I thought so too, except he's never shown any interest in me like that, or even flirted with me.

      I just don't get it.

    • Well it might have been a spur-of-the-moment thing, but I doubt it. You'll find out!