Do girls like guys who squat and have big legs?

I notice girls like a guy with a big chest and arms. A lot of guys in the gym do arm curls and bench presses. I'm always working on my squats, so I have pretty well defined hips, legs and butt. Not something you can see in shorts super well (maybe you can). But seems like something most girls don't go for it.


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  • Not all girls are the same so it depends on preference but I don't mind a little extra meat. And for the love of god, Guys please don't forget leg day!!


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  • I think most girls first notice some combination of arms, chest, abs. But they will notice legs if they stand out one way or another.

    And heavy leg work boosts T.

    • I just usually do back squats and front squats..

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    • There's other leg workouts. Cleans. Snatches. Extensions and curls.

    • Extensions and curls sort of suck. Extensions put a lot more stress on your knee than properly done squats. Curls are using your hamstring in an unnatural way - the primary use of the hamstring being to straight the hip joint, not to bend the knee joint. Clean's are good, very good. Less max power more plyometric. But it depends on your goals.

  • I've heard a number of girls saying they like a guy with Strong LEGS. i was sooo happy !

    • Who says that? Actually I wonder if guys with strong legs have better sex?

  • Some do, and I've even been told that I have nice legs by some gals.

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