Guys, would you date a girl with bad teeth?

Bad teeth to you: yellow, crooked, etc?


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  • Her teeth doesn't build character, it's a personality, nor is it loving. So her teeth can be jaaaaaaaaacked up and I still be with her. If she show she cares about me and except me for who I am then I'm cool.


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  • I have very bad teeth in fact many dentists have told me my teeth are the worst they have ever seen. I brush them frequently, I hardly eat sweets and never drink fizzy drinks but it's in the family. How my relatives ever dated is beyond me but women are turned off by mine and my teeth make me feel really insecure. I feel ugly, useless and inferior to everyone and avoid going out and talking to people because of them!

  • if I didn't see them before I won't know.
    but if you have bad smell and they look like a construction area it's bad


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