Would you want a sadistic boyfriend/girlfriend?

you know what the characteristic of sadistic are... :p

i like to succumb to my bf's pleasures. . .

  • Yes, that's a turn on.
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  • No, i find that a bit frightening...
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  • I wouldn't care.
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  • There's a term to be said in the military when getting deployed " Going half native but never go full native" I think that would be the rule I'd like to imply here. A little is good but full blown sadistic carnal fun hmmm to me seems like one sided pleasure.


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  • sadistic... how?
    i feel like... i'm more likely to be sadistic than any dude. but not sexually sadistic.

  • It's okay if he's dominant and lets me have a turn to be dominant, but sadistic? Nooooo way.

  • No I wouldn't want a sadistic boyfriend :P

  • No, I wouldn't date a sadistic person. That's kind of a turn off.

  • i hope you mean dominant instead, a sadist likes to inflict pain because seeing someone suffer gives them pleasure whereas a dominant person just likes to be the control and lead power within a relationship whilst still caring about their partner and not wanting them to suffer

    • no sadistic.

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    • But isn't being submissive/masochistic very similar. Enjoying giving full control to your partner and enjoying the pain you receive from them. If anything it is the next step on from Dom/Sub. And also, if the sadist didn't give a shit about you as person why would they be doing what they see as intimate and erotic behaviour with you. But it is very hard to imagine someone caring for someone they find pleasure in hurting. Tbh I'm with the asker cause I'm a masochist myself

    • 14 yr old masochist wow humanity is getting somewhere