What do guys think when they see an attractive girl? What are their first thoughts and what is the first thing that they notice? Body or face?

(this question does not necessarily pertain to me, I am asking out of curiosity)

So what do men think when they see an attractive girl? Especially if the girl is exceptionally beautiful, meaning she has a beautiful face and a nice body and the whole shebang. What are their first thoughts, do men actually notice a woman's face? Or is the first thing they scan for a nice butt and boobies. Cause for example, I myself as a straight woman, truly appreciate a beautiful face on other females. I also really appreciate beautiful hair. But I have read on many websites and magazines that men typically notice a girls body and "goodies" first then her face and other features. Is this true?


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  • It all depends on the guy! I'm more of a face guy. I don't always care if the girl has an ass or tits, but if the face is beautiful then I'm attracted to her. Also, hair can actually make or break a face for me. But in the end, ass and tits are great, but not what grabs my attention.

    (Side note: I'm attracted to the face when I'm looking for a relationship. Their goodies are what attract me if I'm looking for something a little more... physical.)


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  • I notice a face first followed by her ass and ALL guys immediately think, "God I'd like to fuck her!" Sorry but that's how we're made

    • No, I appreciate the honesty. Lol

    • What is the definition of a "nice ass", are we talking Kim Kardashian and Beyonce? Because most people dont have those type of figures and if they do, the "extra meat" is proportioned throughout their other body parts if you know what I mean.

      I'm talking, a face and body like Minka Kelly. Beautiful but with tiny "assets". Is that considered someone who is "fuckable"?

    • Honey at my age all of you are fuckable

  • Firstly Face then Body,
    If a girl is that attractive, A guy would consider her out of his league but he'll never loose hope.
    Other thoughts depends on the appearance, status and rumors about the girl. But mostly they all are positive.

    • Would a really beautiful face cancel out a tiny small butt?

    • For me absolutely, but there are 50% of chances as some guys only (ONLY!!) prefer body because they just want to fulfill their sexual desire.
      So If you got a pretty face 50% of your problems are solved. No worries!

  • Can't say, prob the whole shebang.

    My thoughts?

    I wonder how she would respond to my tongue on her clit and pulling her legs back over her head so I can rim her?

    Sorry for being crude, but that is about it for the depth of my pea brain.


  • we usually scroll from top to bottom but we stop scrolling if we see something we like. and the first thoughts are usually "I wonder what she loos like naked" and "I wonder if she's good at sex." also "I wonder what noises she makes during sex"

  • I notice a woman`s heart FIRST
    The fact that, her breasts ARE directly in front of the
    heart is NOT my fault !!


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