Met a guy (med student) on tinder, we seemed to click but trying to meet up or stay connected is difficult - not sure of his interest level, help?

I met a med student on tinder. We had a lot in common (he's an artist and wants to be a doctor and I am on my way to becoming an art therapist). We exchanged messages slowly over the next few days, followed another on instagram. I felt like I clicked with him and everything I said was reciprocated. Two days later, I messaged him with a slightly flirty/joking opener asking how his rotation was going. He messaged back quickly, then minutes later again asking if I wanted to hang out sometime (but only on weekends bc of sched). I told him that I'd love to. He gave his number and I texted my availability. It took him a day late to get back to me about hanging out during the oncoming weekend (I suggested either meeting in the city near him or half-way between our locations). He told me that he could hang out on Sunday and then talked about his lengthy sched (surgery rotation has been the worse in terms of hours) and he was oncall for most of the weekend. It sounded like he didn't have a lot of time so I asked him if he was sure he wasn't too busy. He then said that the problem is that he usually sleeps in Sundays on his oncall weekends when he goes a few nights awake. I then asked if he wanted to hang out on a different weekend. He said "that would be awesome" and that it probably wasn't safe for him to drive, and that he'd probably fall asleep while talking to me. I said ok and agreed that it would be best. I haven't heard from him since and it's been 6 days. I am not sure if he just blew me off or he is busy. I trust that he takes his studies seriously but I don't know about his interest level. I noticed that he will go on tinder a couple times a day (but very hardly) - not that anything is wrong with that. Is the timing is bad right now with this current sched? I thought about keeping cool (I'd be patient and text him in another week when his current sched will be lighting up) Is he even interested/ if so how to keep it going until we can eventually meet?


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  • He's a med student. Choose someone with greater availability.


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