Should I return my ex's text messages if I want to get back together?

I was in a long distance relationship for about six months . I stayed with him for about a week . Bad idea if you are not together for very long . We broke up because in a nutshell we clashed in too close quarters for not knowing each other very well . We really did love each other . He was crying and we talked on the phone the day after it happened . On the phone, he said "he still loved me . " I assumed he meant that he was not "in love" with me . He said he was, but he wasn't head over hills in love with me like he was before . I am extremely sensitive and it killed my self esteem for a little while . This happened about two months ago and like a dumbass, I called him every day to see what was wrong with me and even tell him I miss him . I told him last week that I would like to be friends with him and he was like "what are you going to do when I am going to be dating other girls in 6 months ? " I was like I have not thought that far ahead . A couple of days later, I realized that I do still love him . I text messaged him telling him that and for him not to contact me in ANY form unless he wants to try to work things out . I do not want or can't be his friend right now or maybe ever . He does keep in touch with all his exs from over the years and has never gotten back together with any of them . I don't contact him nor does he contact me for over a week . In the past couple of days, he has text me about 2 or 3 times . He was asking things like "how I was doing" or "how my easter was . " Please everyone understand that I am not asking rather I can get back with him or should get back with him . I am going to try regardless of how slim my chances might in a nonchalant and casual way . I know how to play the game, sort of . I do, however, want to know if given all the information about him and us, should I respond back just to tell him I am doing fine and my easter was okay, nothing more . Should I not respond at all ? With all the information I posted about us and him, do you guys think that texting back or not texting back would give me a better chance of getting back with him eventually . My plan was to not contact him for a months unless he said he wanted to try and work things out . What should I do ?
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I made a typo . I stayed with him for a month, not a week . All I want to know is if I should text him back or not . I would prefer to not get my hopes up or down at this point .
Should I return my ex's text messages if I want to get back together?
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