When should I setup the third date?

Ok so I had a second date yesterday and it went well and we even talked about what we would do on the third date, but we didn't actually schedule the day. My question is how soon should I start talking about the third date? We just texted a little bit here and there today and I didn't want to seem pushy already trying to arrange the next date already especially after a late night the day before. She was actually the one who mentioned what we could do on the third date so she definitely wants another one. I'm thinking about bringing it up tomorrow. The next time would have to be this weekend I think, but that's a little soon in my opinion.

I haven't even heard from her today. Usually we text back and forth a few times everyday.


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  • Don't over think this, sweetie, it will only bug your brain out and make you Feel you Need to Approach and Broach the subject Every Time-----We just text a little bit here and there today...
    Let things flow, let it go... you both have had this 'Second date' which seems to have gone great. And with the First, which brought you to this One right now, things apparently became even More snug as a bug in a rug.
    Nurse and nurture More now of the pushing of your buttons on either end to get to know one another further In between until you see one another again... open lines of convo are one of the most important factors when getting to know one another.
    And the closer it gets to the weekend, which is coming up soon, maybe take a break this time around. Tell her you're busy if you just want to be 'The one who mentioned' this in passing, so you can keep things a bit more Enticing with spice and nice and not so Expected or even Exact where you feel Obligated right in this stage of this nature of things... and absence makes the heart grow fonder many times.
    Yes, 'That's a little too soon' in my Own opinion... give it a rest, take some time so you both have some space. You will be glad you did. And being she 'Definitely wants' another, she will probably find you are worth the Wait------No matter when you decide on bringing it up.
    Good luck. xx


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  • I think she doesn't want to seem pushy too so I understand her. However, if u want a relationship soon, u have to keep it flowing and passionate tomorrow. try to give her compliments to show her ur interest before so she gets the message that u don't intend to be just her friend and she knows ur intentions in case the third date wasn't soon at least she will know that u like her. the timing doesn't matter I guess, it all depends on what u prefer, either to take it slow before having anything serious or not or go with the flow until u see what happens. I can infer that u like to take it slow so let it be

    • I'm just wondering if she changed her mind. I texted her more details about what we could do on our next date just to kind of throw it out there and she never responded.

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    • ok then it seems to me that she was a little worried about u not texting her. I am like that too after dates.

    • So that would cause her to not want to text me today? I'm so confused now. We still texted the day after the date and said we both had fun and everything. I just thought I would hold off a day or so before I start talking about another date. We both agreed the night before about what we could do on our next date, but we didn't really work out the details a whole lot.

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  • If you've seen her on a weekend for both the 1st and 2nd dates and you don't want to see her again on this weekend.. how about planning something next weeknight? On a wed-fri perhaps?
    Its more than a week for you and something different for a change
    Good luck mate!