What does my boyfriend rubbing my thigh mean?

Last night my boyfriend and I were heading home from our day out we were in the back seat of the car (we're only 14 we can't drive) it was dark and we were holding hands and then he put his hand on my thigh and started rubbing and he squizzed my thigh. I wasn't uncomfortable but he has done this before when we were at the movies. I was just wondering if it meant anything. I mean honestly it kinda turned me on. Thanks!!


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  • He likes your legs. He likes touching your skin.

  • he's more than likely very attracted to your thighs. and probably really likes how your thighs are very silky soft.. and probably how your thighs are strong/toned. but does he tell you how silky soft your thighs are and how strong/toned they are?

  • It means u have nice legs


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