Don't know how to ask a girl out who lives far away?

I met a girl a few months ago but it was kind of a bad time as she went travelling for a few months. She's back the middle of this month and I don't know how to open the conversation and how to bring up asking her out for a casual meal/drinks etc because she lives over 2 hours away from me, Has anyone got any good advice for me?

I worded the title wrong it should say how to ask a girl out on a date who lives far away


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  • Just ask her straight up

    • Even though I've not really spoken to her other for a few hours a few months ago?

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    • Tell her you'll drive down there so she doesn't make any stupid excuses

    • Thanks for MHO :D

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  • Say I know u live far away but do u wanna have a long distance relationship

  • Make sure you two have been seeing each other for a long enough time.

    • I'm asking how I should go about bringing up going out for a date not asking to get in a relationship?

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  • "Hello. I would like to take you out some time."

    However opening a conversation is a bit more difficult. That's a lie. "How was your trip? What did you see?"

    • How long should I wait to ask her to go out for a day out? (thats if she doesn't shut me down right away).