Tips for unhooking triple clasp bras with one hand?

I like using that one hand trick to remove a girls bra. It's fun and the girls are impress by it. This girl I've been dating recently however has DD size bras, which I have zero problem with, but it makes the one hand trick really difficult to pull off. Now she doesn't really care about that, it doesn't really get in the way of is being together but I still take it as a challenge. How do you deal with triple clasp bras with one hand?


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  • 1. Find the top of the hook sequence.
    2. Clasp with thumb and fore-finger.
    3. Use middle finger to pin the lower strap against her.
    4. pull the upper tab towards your middle finger a quarter of an inch as if you were cinching the bra tighter. (the hooks should all just fall out of their holders).
    5. Let go of the bra and it should undo itself and fall off.

    Since there are three-five hooks on a DD bra, it might take you two pinches to get it.


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  • Who cares man! Just get those beauties free!