How to treat lips swollen and bruised after making out?

My bf n I were making out and after I realized my lips were swollen and bruised/purple. How long will this last? Will it go away overnight?

For anyone who may go through this, ice helped a lot. I iced it on and off for 20 min. Most of the swelling went down by morning so it wasn't noticable but the bruising took a few days. Luckily it wasn't that noticable but I kept icing it for 2 nights and during the day I was actually adding ice to my drinks lol. I have to admit though, they were sore for a week :(


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  • That can seriously happen?:o anyways hmmm... Try putting some ice on it to bring down the swelling! It probably won't go away over night! It might take a few days! As for the color... Hmmm... Not sure about that.

    • I didn't think it could happen either :( I don't want my parents or coworkers to see it.

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