How to treat lips swollen and bruised after making out?

My bf n I were making out and after I realized my lips were swollen and bruised/purple. How long will this last? Will it go away overnight?

For anyone who may go through this, ice helped a lot. I iced it on and off for 20 min. Most of the swelling went down by morning so it wasn't noticable but the bruising took a few days. Luckily it wasn't that noticable but I kept icing it for 2 nights and during the day I was actually adding ice to my drinks lol. I have to admit though, they were sore for a week :(


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  • My lips have been swollen after all day attention but dang they have never been bruised and turning purple.
    Sounds painful.
    If they are indeed bruised then it will take just as long as a normal bruise to go away.


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  • That can seriously happen?:o anyways hmmm... Try putting some ice on it to bring down the swelling! It probably won't go away over night! It might take a few days! As for the color... Hmmm... Not sure about that.

    • I didn't think it could happen either :( I don't want my parents or coworkers to see it.