Guys opinion on High cheekbones on girls? (girls opinion also)?

I have quite high cheekbones and I have been told so many times but I really hate it because I will meet someone new and one of the first thing they say is "wow! you have such high cheekbones" and I really hate it.

I think they make my face look wide and under the cheekbones it creates a slight hollow type line and I basically wanna know:

-> are high cheekbones a turn off?
-> If you saw someone with high cheekbones would you think they are unattractive?
-> other opinions on high cheekbones?

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  • There is a theory called "costly signaling"* that means that if you see someone with high, broad cheekbones (or any "extraordinary" feature), this means that their body had to go through all of this extra "expense" to build and support those cheekbones.. and this person has more "reproductive fitness" (better genes). I don't know if it applies to cheekbones, but it's a theory that's fairly convincing for a number of our traits (and animal traits too)
    Also, cheekbones support the eyes - so broad cheekbones and wide set eyes (on a man in particular) indicate that he is probably a better athlete / hunter than someone with sunken cheekbones and poorly supported eyes. The cheek bone (and orbital rim - which it is attached to) was also important in supporting the eye during injury - which is crucial for survival. Also, the cheek bones (in the front) surround a major nerve that comes out of the face - and stronger frontal cheek bones protect this nerve. This last part (the protection factor) - I think - is probably why they are so important.
    Cheekbones have different levels of attractiveness in men and in women -and the ideal shape and size differ. In men, the "population average" cheekbone is the most attractive. In women, the "population average + slightly feminized" is the most attractive.

    • Thanks for MH!

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  • High cheekbones are universally considered attractive. There are women who create the illusion of high cheekbones with make-up. Some of them even have cosmetic surgeries in order to make their cheekbones more pronounced.

  • It seen as a feature of attractiveness

  • Mmm i have high cheekbones but they aren't overly prominent if you know what i mean but guys tend to find it attractive i mean some girls contour the hell out of their face to give the illusion of high cheekbones so your lucky yours are 'real' lmaoo

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