Is it usual for a girl to hate mushy stuff, and is it usual for a guy to love it?

I never realised l hated this stuff until I started dating this guy. He's a great guy but then he goes and uses a pet name or asks me how much I love him REPEATEDLY, or tries to rub noses or goes on and on about how he adores me e. t. c and I just cringe and want to run! Any girls out there like me or do I just have some sort of disorder? Also guys is this even ordinary behavior for a guy?

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  • it's normal
    my gf and i are like that to be honest
    im the more romantic one and she's the one who keeps me grounded ^_^
    we still cater to the others needs, but respect it's not their nature :3

    • Thanks for that, Maybe I'll try to get him to tone it down a bit :)

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  • I'm not really a mushy person myself. I don't like it all that much. I love doing eskimo kisses with my bf, but I think he likes it more than I do, haha. Mushy gushy stuff makes me really uncomfortable actually.

  • Our society likes to draw bold lines between gender norms, and what it takes to "be" male or female. Once people realize that we are more similar than thought, especially by individual uniqueness of personality (which is not decided by biological gender), we will all be better off.

    I cannot stand mushy, sappy themes. It really turns me away; and if certain people do not halt, or pick up on my either polite request to stop or nonverbal cues, any potential lasting friendship is greatly strained.

    Pet names, touching, by strangers and family alike... they are all too common; just today, I had someone pick up the base of my hair to comment on it. Personal space needs to exist and be respected. And don't randomly make a formal, intelligent situation into something laughable by calling me "sweetie." It is not endearing and it is not kind.

    • Wow, you just might hate mushy stuff more than I do! But seriously I get what you mean. I am relatively girly girl and I do NOT like to be randomly touched. Touch should serve a purpose.

    • the right guy will change your mind on this!

    • huh, I'll have to wait and see but to be honest, if I'm not having sex, I prefer only to be touched when he has a reason.

  • YOu just don't like him enough... that's all!

    • You really think so? Have you had this experience before and had it change with a different guy?

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    • Huh, that's food for thought... Honestly, I don't think I've ever been that mushy. I've actually been known to cuddle with a guy till he falls asleep and then getting out of bed and sleeping on the sofa and then getting back in before he gets up coz I just didn't like cuddling but he did! And I loved that guy!! Unfortunately the only way to confirm your theory is to date a lot of different guys. :)

    • gurrllllllllllllll you're too funny! haha yes, date more guys. YOu have my blessing! :)

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