Do australian women like black men?

I'm a Black Caribbean who's attracted to White females in general. For what it seem White American Women are very racist against black men and I wonder if I had better chance when women foreign countries like Australia or Europe? America tend to hate black men more than other countries.


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  • I'm a white woman from Sydney (Australia) and I know there are plenty of girls here (myself included) who love black guys! The Caribbean accent will also help with the ladies, especially around the beaches

    • "The Caribbean accent will also help with the ladies, especially around the beaches"
      bull shit

    • @alton Bullshit based on what? I'm basing my statement on real observations made in conversations about guys with my gfs as well as seeing how successful guys are at bars. I've never once heard anyone express anything other than liking Caribbean men, that's not to say they all like them, but I do hear complaining about the Spanish and French men (who still do well).

    • Thanks. When it comes to australian women, i can be really picky. I like attractive brunette types with fit and healthy body and beautiful lips.

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  • I like white women too, but honestly there almost impossible to get. Its like hitting the lottery. White women standards super high!! The best advice i can give you, is just date Latinas there light skin and most of them have huge nice asses!!

    • it depends where you live
      in NYC right now having a black bf is a fashion statement
      a lot of girls out here at least try dating black guys

      but werd their standards suck, they really make it hard for anyone

    • Well can you easily get a latina?

    • WAY easier than getting a white woman!!

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  • i dont think those women will be anymore open but, Iggy Azalea dates Nick Young she is australian and he is a black basketball player...

    i think it depends how the white girl is raised and where she lives...
    i know a bunch of interracial couples

  • Australian women are shallow and uncultured with unrealistic expectations. stay away from them unless you want your life fucked up by these confused lot..
    They may be attracted by AA or black British guys, but in general the women here hate Africans, Indians, Chinese, etc.. if you try to talk to them they look at you as if you were some sort of criminal.
    I am British (african decent) and can definitely tell you Australians are still living with 1950 mentality (shockingly rude and racist ).
    any other women are preferred to masculine and classless australian bitches.

    . they look at you as if you were some sort of criminal.

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